Everything you need to know about erogenous zones

The human body is a machine that works together, exiting connections between the different parts that make it up, so when it comes to having sex it is very important to know ourselves and learn to know our partner in relation to the zones that are more feasible to achieve generate excitation knowledge like erogenous zones.erogenous zones for men

The touching of our partner can help us to have sex much more satisfactory and pleasant, it is important before every relationship the phase in which the couple touches each other, the existence of contact between the skin for the purpose of generating excitement. But it is important to know the existence of certain zones.

It is important to know that women and men are different in some aspects and that there are certain zones that when they have contact are more likely than others to receive excitement than others.

What are the erogenous zones?

As has been mentioned men and women are different in some respects, when referring to the existence of erogenous zones, it is these areas where there are nerve endings that make them more sensitive to the touch so it can receive greater excitation.

According to experts are called erogenous zones, parts of the human body whose stimulation results in sexual arousal. There are individual differences, so that different areas of the body can be erogenous, and in different degree in each person.

Erogenous zones for Woman and for man

For Woman: In the case of woman, the zones of greatest excitement are those mentioned below

Clitoris: In reference to the clitoris is considered the main erogenous zone of his body. It is an organ whose sole function is to provide sexual pleasure,

  • The mouth: This zone allows achieving excitation due to the existence of nerve endings, The sensitivity of the lips increases with the excitation making them very sensitive to the touch and the caress of other lips.
  • The hair: In the case of the scalp when massaging it produces a very pleasant relaxation.
  • Buttocks: In the case of this area in the woman have several to receive tact generates excitement.
  • The vagina: The entrance of the vagina is rich in nerve endings and reacts intensely to all kinds of caresses. It is described as another type of orgasm.
  • The breasts and the nipples: It is considered one of the zones of greater excitation since in the opinion of expert they possess a great amount of nerve endings and they can be very sensitive.
  • The neck and ears are very prone areas to receive the touch to generate excitement, touching and kissing this area can cause a lot of pleasure to your partner.

For man: In the case of man there are also areas that are more likely to receive excitement. Which are:

The penis and testicles: They are extremely sensitive areas in a man and therefore where he receives the most intense and pleasurable sensations.

  • Pectoral: the pectorals of the man also respond to the excitement but with less intensity than the chest of the woman.
  • Prostate: It is the so called male G point because of the intense sensations it produces.
  • Neck and ears: In the case of man are also zones very prone to receive the touch to generate excitement, touch and kiss this area can cause much pleasure to your partner.
  • The mind: In the case of man not only receives excitement through the touch. Men when they have sex are visual, so that man through the eye can also receive stimuli in the form of excitement.

Remember when you come to having relationships for the purpose of making them more enjoyable and satisfying, it is important that you know erogenous zones.

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