Dick Enlargement Techniques and Procedures: What actually works?

Most men believe their penis is not large enough and are afraid of being intimate with women, thinking they will be unable to satisfy her needs. Numerous males who have this type of concern on their minds actually have general body image concerns, but they tend to focus their poor body image on how their penis looks. You should not despair if you are one of them, because there are dick enlargement treatments and techniques.dick enlargement pills

The oldest dick enlargement tricks

Penis exercises were invented many centuries ago and were used mainly for dick enlargement. Since pills, gels and creams do not have long term effects and some of these are really dangerous, you might want to try and enlarge your penis with exercises. It is free, you can do it in the comfort of your home and the results will be noticeable in few weeks. Many men have reported penis enlargement from 4 to 8 inches, some even more.  Like body exercises, the results will not appear over night, but you have to dedicate some time and effort in order to see results.

Dick enlargement procedures

There are numerous dick enlargement procedures, and one of the most used by patients is the penis pump. The vacuum draws blood into the penis, making it swell. These cannot be used frequently due to the fact that it can damage the tissue of the penis, leading to weaker erections. So, if you want to have better erection, you can use it from time to time, and in case you are interested in permanent solution, you can try something else.

Dick enlargement surgeries

For permanent dick enlargement solution and not having to take pills on regular basis, you can try surgical procedure. The most typical surgery involves cutting the ligament which connects the penis to the pubic bone, thus carrying a skin graft at the base of the penis to permit the additional length.

There is also dermal fat graft surgery which consists of injecting fat injections in order to supplement other treatments. Doctors get rid of fat beneath your butt and then it gets positioned beneath the penile skin. This allows the penis to end up much thicker and larger which is the main goal of men who undergo this type of procedure.

Exercises for dick enlargement

If you are scared of doing surgery, because of post ops, then you can try a natural and free way of dick enlargement with the help of exercises. Our body is made for changes and in order for healthy erections to occur, the tissue should have the ability to completely unwind and enlarge. This can be achieved with numerous penile exercises.


There are numerous dick enlargement techniques and procedures which work, however you have to find the right choice for yourself. You also need to remember that changes take time and determination, so do not despair if the results do not show in just a few days.

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