Bigger penis surgery: How does it work and is it effective?

A lot of guys have mentioned that they feel unconfident in the bedroom and feel that a longer penis would help them have more satisfying sexual life. When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction or the length of the penis, many doctors recommend medication or bigger penis surgery (penoplasty).penis surgery

What is penoplasty

Penoplasty or bigger penis surgery is the most efficient way to solve the length of your penis. After this procedure is performed, patients speak with enthusiasm about fulfillment with the results they desired for long period.

This surgery increases the non-erect length of your penis and to a lesser degree the erect length. The results are guaranteed, but it depends from person to person the length you will end up with. The typical gain in length is from 2 to 4 inches, but it varies. In case your location above is blocking the real length of your penis, you might as well be suggested to do liposuction. You should feel good about the final results, because they always have a positive outcome.

The only way to increase penis length

There are a lot of tools and methods that promise increased penis length. However, it all works for short amount of time and usually if you take pills too often, they will stop working too. Perhaps surgery sounds scary, but you only do it once and then you can enjoy with large penis.

Bigger penis surgery or penoplasty is classified as an optional cosmetic surgery. It is specifically developed not only to make your penis bigger, but also to increase girth. This treatment has been available for more than 40 years and instead of using vacuum pumps, creams, pills or other devices, you can never mistake with this surgical treatment.

How bigger penis surgery is performed

Bigger penis surgery consists of several techniques and steps. These techniques include penis extension, penile widening and dermal matrix grafts, correction and penile implants. Half of the penis is situated within the body and is connected to the pubic bone by what is called the suspensory ligament. This ligament can be launched throughout penis enlargement and surgical treatment, resulting in increased length. The larger the penis is before the procedure, the more length it will have after the surgery.

During this treatment, a little cut is made in the pubic area where the pubic hair will hide the cut. Note: there will be no direct cutting on the penis! The suspensory ligament is recognized, dissected and launched.


Some guys are not happy with the length of their penis and that is okay. However, you should not make it a big deal, and instead you should communicate more with your partner about the way she feels. In case you are determined to do the bigger penis surgery or penoplasty, read how the procedure is done and what to expect exclusively here.

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